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An online deep work timer to increase your focus

What is deep work depot?

deep work depot is your ultimate deep work timer, meticulously designed to enhance your focus and productivity. This innovative tool is engineered to help you immerse yourself in any task at hand, whether it's studying, writing, or coding. We help you go deep and feel good about it by automatically storing your hours deeply focused. (ahhhh dopamine.)

What is Deep Work?

Deep work is a concept popularized by Cal Newport in his book "Deep Work", emphasizing the ability to focus without distraction on cognitively demanding tasks. It involves dedicating uninterrupted periods of time to deeply immerse oneself in meaningful work, leading to heightened productivity and profound results.

How to Use the Deep Work Timer?

1. Set Clear Goals: Define specific tasks or projects you want to focus on during your deep work session.
2. Eliminate Distractions: Find a quiet and clutter-free environment to minimize interruptions and enhance concentration.
3. Set Timer: Start the timer for a predetermined duration, typically 30-90 minutes, to begin your deep work session.
4. Focus Time: Dive into your task with full concentration and commitment, avoiding multitasking or switching between tasks.
5. Take Timely Breaks: After each deep work session, take short breaks of 5-15 minutes to recharge your energy and maintain productivity levels. Go outside or defocus mode.
6. Repeat and Achieve: Continue this cycle of focused work sessions with small break inbetween until you've successfully completed your hard tasks, unlocking your full potential along the way.

Who made this?

I (jack friks) created this deep work timer to help you get more done in less time while feeling good about it: by automatically tracking and logging your time spend working deepy. I also just wanted it myself, because its cool, but it didn't exist... so I made it :)